Underdark-The Crystal Keys

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Beneath Ched-Nasad

Descending beneath Ched-Nasad (based on information provided by Jarlax) The party came upon a cavern containing three doors. After a failed detect magic (obscure magic) by Shugo, the party headed into the center door. A sudden realization occurred, that the doors actually all led to the same room.

The first of the tests was a simple diamond held on a string. the trick was simple, grab the diamond without using any of the othe supplies (box/stick). The group succeeded and entered the next room.

( A voice describes a riddle) The room entered was filled with obvious petrification traps. After passing through, unscathed, the party found a room, filled with chained gorgons, and two jars (water and seeds)…Glorp took the seeds and water, returned to the previous room, petrified the seeds, then planted them near the Gorgons. Ironwood grew, and the party continued onward.

Entering a hallway that was obviously trapped, the Ninja-Scout , and The Guide were sent to the front, and after several successful trapfinding rolls and jumps the party made it’s way through the hallway.

The next room contained two colossi stone giants embracing wrists in an eternal handshake. When approached, the closest of the two giant’s approached with a standard time riddle. However, the next giant gave a seemingly impossible riddle. After several beatings (rendering cp’s to 1hp) the trick answer was revealed: no.

The next (and final room) contained a crystal on a pedestal. The Scout-Ninja approached the crystal, and conversed with the memories contained within the crystal. After discerning important information (but before he was able to converse it to the rest of the party) Nocturne and Zancrow appeared, vowing the death of the party.

The guide threw his returning knife at Zancrow, doing slight damage. The scout-ninja did an acrobatic back-stab on Nocturne, doing a fair amount of damage, but not severely injuring him. Dak attempted a flurry of blows on Zancrow, but it was rendered mostly useless by the high armor of the Wuzhen. Zom missed every attack throughout the battle, making him essentially useless.

Zancrow cast chain lightning on everyone in the party (save Glorp) and damaged most of the affected severely. Nocturne jumped into the shadows, and he was not seen again for three full rounds. Next, Glorp summoned a large earth elemental near Zancrow. The Scout-Ninja attacked Zancrow with two arrows, the second of which pierced his chest and made him unconscious.

When Nocturne appeared, he paralyzed Shugo, and teleported himself and Zancrow away.

The party returned to Ched-Nesad.

Druidic Instance
Glorp special

Glorp (lvl 10) was called out of the party by an upper lvl druid, to protect a circle of power. A troop of humans, led by King Jarvin the 4th (17th lvl Fighter) was attempting to usurp a remote circle of power in the upperdark. After a short combat, Glorp Summoned a Large Earth Elemental, and the four (glorp, his farmilliar, the elemental, and the high lvl druid) Defeated Jarvin. Soon after, all of his minions fled the area.

Glorp Gained 1 lvl (11) and 6,000 GP from this encounter


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